Staying on Top of Propane Levels

Understanding Your Propane Tank Gauge

To locate the gauge on your propane tank, look under the dome or lid of the tank for a small dial approximately 1.5″-2″ in diameter. Once you find the gauge, you will notice that it has numbers arranged in a clockwise pattern. These numbers indicate the percentage of propane remaining in the tank, not the gallons. The needle will point to the current level of propane as a percentage. On delivery days, remember that tanks are only filled to approximately 80%, which allows for the expansion and contraction of the propane caused by changing temperatures. To ensure an uninterrupted supply, please contact us when your gauge reads 20%-25% and place a propane delivery order. This will allow us plenty of time to make a delivery the next time we are in your area.

Propane Services

At Spicer Gas, we offer propane maintenance for both residential and commercial properties throughout Southern Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our team of technicians is trained to support you in propane deliveries or with any problem that may arise. We also offer a personalized propane payment plan to provide you with essential services at an affordable price. To enroll in a payment plan, please call our office at 860-859-9070.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services, call us at 860-859-9070. For emergency service, please call 860-590-4833. If you’re an existing customer and are in need of non-emergency service work, please click here to visit our customer portal. For new sales, service and installation requests, call us at 860-859-9070 or email us at