Propane Delivery Near Old Lyme, CT

Spicer Advanced Gas proudly offers propane delivery and services near Old Lyme, CT, the southeastern Connecticut region, and southern Rhode Island. As a third-generation family business, we remain committed to the values that our company was founded on over 107 years ago. We are proud to offer propane delivery in Old Lyme and the surrounding areas to continue our dedication towards honest and helpful customer service.

Propane offers homeowners a clean-burning energy choice at an outstanding value, and we pride ourselves on our reputation as the best choice for propane delivery companies near Old Lyme. Spicer Advanced Gas is not just the premiere propane supplier in southeastern CT; our new Spicer Energy Services division offers installation, service, and repair for all of your home or business heating and cooling needs.

Local, CT Propane Delivery Services

Spicer Advanced Gas offers local propane delivery in Old Lyme and the surrounding area. If you are in search of an Old Lyme, CT propane tank refill, have your first call be to Spicer Advanced Gas. Our experienced and friendly technicians are available to handle all of your local propane delivery needs efficiently. We offer both on-demand propane delivery options as well as an automatic propane delivery system. Our expert staff can also install new tanks ranging in multiple sizes suitable for residential and commercial customers.

At Spicer Advanced Gas, we know your Old Lyme, CT propane delivery needs can change unexpectedly. If your propane runs out on Saturday night or holiday, you deserve to be backed by a company that is willing to ensure your home is safe and warm as quickly as possible. That is why we offer emergency propane service 24/7!

Automatic Propane Delivery and Tank Monitoring

Spicer Advanced Gas offers Old Lyme, CT, and surrounding areas an automatic propane delivery service, as well as tank monitoring options to reduce the stress of managing your propane supply. Our automatic delivery service keeps your propane tanks at optimum levels without needing to be home to monitor them. We offer a delivery schedule that is based on your availability and usage needs.

The tank monitoring system allows our expert staff to track any potential equipment issues and quickly set up a service or repair visit. As a homeowner, you can evaluate your propane fuel levels at any time by examining the gauge that can be found beneath the cover of your propane tank. The indicator identifies the amount of fuel in the tank as a percentage amount. For example, if the dial is on 30, you can assume that you only have 30% of the tank capacity left. When reading the gauge, keep in mind that propane tanks are only filled to 80% capacity to allow space for natural expansion and compression of gas materials. This is a safety measure to prevent tank leaks or ruptures.

HVAC Services Near Old Lyme, CT

Our goal is to be your primary source for all your home energy needs at Spicer Advanced Gas. To that end, we offer both installation and service for HVAC systems, furnaces and boiler units, heat pumps, water heaters, and other heating and cooling needs. This is in addition to our propane tank installation and delivery options. Our Spicer Energy Services can ensure your HVAC system is inspected and serviced to keep your family warm during the colder months.

Spicer Advanced Gas for All Your Home Energy Needs

If you require propane in Old Lyme, Spicer Advanced Gas can help you schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. We proudly offer the best propane services in CT and look forward to servicing all of your home energy needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help design the right home heating solution for your family or set up a schedule for our propane delivery service! 

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