Propane Delivery Near Bozrah, CT

Are you looking for propane services in Bozrah? Spicer Gas has provided propane delivery in Bozrah and installed propane fixtures since the 1950s. We have the quality service that comes with years of experience.

Propane is one of the most versatile sources of energy. It can be used for almost anything, from heating a home to running a water heater. Whether it’s winter or summer, propane has a place in every home or business. Our experience with this clean-burning fuel is only a benefit to you. Our Bozrah, CT propane delivery is easy and convenient to keep your propane tanks filled and functional.

Local Propane Delivery in Bozrah, CT

If you need propane tanks serviced or refilled, you have found the right company. Our propane delivery service in Bozrah caters to both commercial and residential clientele. You can use propane to heat a house or even a hotel, and we are happy to deliver to both.

We fill all propane tanks to 80% capacity to allow the propane to expand and contract with the weather. This ensures that your propane fixtures are operating at optimal capacity. We have you covered if you require a new propane tank or new fixtures. 

Bozrah, CT Propane Tank Refills

Have you forgotten to check your propane meter? It’s often a hassle to keep an eye on your propane levels and make sure you set up an appointment for the right time. This is one of the many reasons we offer automatic propane monitoring and refills. 

Our team will keep an eye on the propane levels in your tank for you and determine when you need to get a refill. Once it is time to refill your propane, we will come to fill your tank without the need for a phone call.

Other Propane Services

We offer a variety of propane services outside of delivery. Are you looking to switch over to propane? We have your transfer covered. We install all sorts of propane fixtures and tanks ranging from 30 to 1,000 gallons, enabling us to fit a variety of needs. We also provide propane supplies and accessories and can even repair or replace your old propane tanks for your convenience.

We know that things can go wrong at the most inconvenient times, so we offer our emergency refill service. Running out of propane is not merely an inconvenience, especially when you rely on propane to keep your home or business warm and functional. We are proud to be here to help when you need it. 

Your Propane Supplier in Bozrah

Spicer Gas is a company that has been in Connecticut for over a century. We pride ourselves on providing Connecticut with quality service and reliable fill options. If you need propane services, we are happy to meet your needs. Contact us today to set up a new propane service or switch to Spicer Gas propane supplier in Bozrah.

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