Residential Propane Delivery & Maintenance Services in CT

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A clean burning, natural resource, propane is an exceptional value making it the heating, cooking and energy choice for millions of Americans for their home and businesses. With many product lines and decades of installation experience, Spicer Gas will help you increase the energy efficiency of your home or business with our propane delivery in Southern CT. Please contact us to learn more about home heating solutions designed for your home and family and our propane delivery services.

The Benefits of Propane Products and CT propane delivery Services from Spicer Gas:

Year Round Living

  • The unbeatable temperature control for cooking
  • An endless supply of hot water for showers and washing all at the same time!
  • The comfort, warmth, and cleanliness of whole house heat or propane space heating
  • Propane Fireplaces for ambiance or as a secondary heating source
  • The security of a back-up generator during the next storm of the century
  • 24 hour emergency oil delivery service – Emergencies usually don’t happen at 2:00 in the afternoon. We are there when you need us most!
  • Automatic Propane Delivery and Tank Monitoring – Worry free protection whether you are home or away
  • Full installation of home propane tanks from 30 to 1000 gallons
  • Complete capabilities from Residential Cooking with a propane tank for home to Multi-Use Commercial Facilities

Reconnect with the Outdoors

  • Warm and Cozy water for the pool brought to you by state of the art propane pool heaters
  • Propane Gas Grill Cooking, Big Green Egg® Smokers and Grills, Portable Gas Grills for the road
  • Propane Patio Heaters, Fireplaces and Fire-pits and outdoor lighting to see it all…
  • Grilling products and accessories

Click the PROPANE HOUSE and take a look at how we can fuel your entire home with Propane! With propane delivery from Guilford to New London and even Westerly RI.

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Call our professional and highly trained sales team for more information on any of these products. Our sales associates live to assist you in finding the proper products for your home.


How Much Propane is in Your Tank

oil level gauge

Locating your gauge– The gauge can be found under the dome or lid of the tank. It is a small dial approximately 1.5″-2″ in diameter.

Reading your gauge- You will notice that the face of the gauge has numbers arranged in a clockwise direction. These numbers indicate the percentage of propane remaining in the tank, not the gallons. The needle will point to the current percent full.

Why was my tank only partially filled?- By nature propane expands and contracts with the changing temperature. Tanks are only filled to approximately 80% to allow for expansion of the propane.

When should I call for a delivery?- To ensure an uninterrupted supply of propane, we ask that you call, or email when your gauge reads 20-25% to place a propane delivery order. This will allow us plenty of time to make a delivery the next time we are in your area.

To request a propane delivery please click here to go to our NEW Propane Portal, then follow the instructions to set up your account. Thank you!

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