Why Napoleon Grills & Football Season Were Made for Each Other

Football season means one thing: Epic gameday food. Whether that means tailgating in the Stadium or barbecuing with friends and watching it on the big screen, a Napolean is the best play to up your grill-master game.  

At Spicer Gas, we strive to provide you with the best options for your home, and when it comes to the top propane tailgate grill, we recommend Napoleon. We love being a Napoleon BBQ dealer because we know we are providing the best grill on the market, whether you need a portable option or a standalone one. Napoleon grills are loaded with incredible features and exclusive technologies to help you grill the perfect steak, ribs or burger every time. Here’s a look at the best Napoleon options for gameday grilling, whether at home or on the go.

Grill for Tailgating

When looking for a propane tailgate grill, you want one that is effortless to move, reliable and large enough you don’t have to spend the whole day sweating over your grill. But any fan can tell you looking good isn’t enough, you also want a grill to bring its A-game, grilling meat to perfection every time. With the TravelQ 285, you can have all this and more. It features an impressive 285 square inches of space for you to grill on, which is enough space to grill 18 burgers at once. What’s more, it has a roast and smoke option for when you want to change up your game. And since football season doesn’t always offer the best weather, it also has a built-in wind-deflecting lid so you’ll never have to call an audible.

Grills for Great Food at Home

While you may not get the excitement of large crowds and the thrill of watching your favorite team in person, watching the game at home can be just as much fun if you are with the right people eating the right food. With a Napoleon grill, you can offer your guests everything from pork chops, sausages and ribs, and you can all enjoy memorable food while cheering from the couch. At our Propane Store you will find several top-quality Napoleon grills to choose from offering everything you need for an unforgettable gameday.  

Football season is the best time of year for exceptional grilling, and with a Napoleon grill in tow, you can be sure your food is always top-notch. As your Napoleon BBQ dealer, we can’t wait to show you how these grills can transform the way you cook.

Stop by our showroom in Connecticut today and have one fired up in time for kickoff.