Improve Your Home’s Ambiance with a Gas Fireplace or Firepit

As the weather cools down, warm evenings around the fire seem that much more enticing. Both inside and out, fireplaces and firepits bring everyone together, letting you stay warm and cozy as you enjoy each other’s company. With a gas firepit or gas fireplace insert, you and your loved ones can fully enjoy the fall season in New England with a custom, controllable, no-mess way to stay warm.

Fire Options

Whether you want to use your fire to stay warm or you crave the ambiance it provides, Spicer Advanced Gas has several propane fire options for you to choose from.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces– A fireplace is an incredible way to make your home inviting and provide affordable heat. Fireplaces can be used both inside and out, and with our gas fireplace inserts you can transform nearly any space into a functional gas fireplace that will emit the heat you want for as long as you want.
  • Outdoor Fire Pits – Nothing compares to gathering around an open flame and enjoying the brisk air around you. We have a variety of stone propane firepits and firepit inserts to bring soothing heat and calming flames right to your backyard.

Why Propane Fireplaces and Fire Pits?

Wood-burning fireplaces and fire pits are always an option, but we strongly believe in the many benefits gas firepits and fireplace inserts provide.

  • Controllable– With wood-burning backyard fire pits, you always have to be on your toes. At any given time, the flames can go rogue and result in costly injuries or damage. With gas fire pits, the size of the flame is easily controlled and you don’t have to worry about sparks getting loose.
  • Clean– Wood-burning firepits and fireplaces are a lot of work. They require a constant supply of chopped wood, leave behind mountains of soot and emit smoke the entire time they are burning. With a gas fireplace insert or outdoor fire pit, you don’t have to worry about any of that.
  • Instantaneous – Turning on a propane fireplace or fire pit is as simple as flipping a switch or pressing a button. There is no chopping wood, waiting or pre-planning necessary. They are just as simple to turn off, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy cooldowns and cleanups.

No matter which way you choose to enjoy the warmth of a fire, when you want to enjoy the heat and ambiance that only safe, controlled flames can provide, you can always rely on the high-quality selection at Spicer Advanced Gas. To learn more about the many benefits of controlled propane fires and see the diverse styles of indoor and outdoor options we have available, contact us now.