Groton, CT Propane Delivery Services

Propane is the top choice for home energy because it’s clean-burning, efficient, and cost-effective. Spicer Advanced Gas has established a strong reputation as one of the best propane delivery companies in Groton, thanks to our team’s ongoing commitment to customer service and providing the most reliable home energy solutions available. We offer a variety of propane services in Groton, CT and the surrounding areas, including delivery, tank monitoring, and more.

Propane offers a wide range of benefits, from tankless water heaters with superior energy efficiency to fantastic temperature control for cooking for your Groton, CT home. However, any good propane system needs reliable service from an experienced provider. Spicer Advanced Gas has extensive experience working in homes in the Groton, CT area. Our team can provide your home with the best available equipment and services to ensure that your system is as safe, efficient, and as reliable as possible all year long.

Local Propane Delivery Services

Whether you need residential or commercial propane, look to Spicer Advanced Gas for local propane delivery in Groton, CT. Winters can be especially harsh in southeastern Connecticut. Therefore, you want to make sure your heating system can keep your home or business warm and comfortable all season long. Luckily, our team can arrange the most convenient delivery times for your propane tank refill to ensure that you never run out of fuel.

Automatic Propane Delivery and Tank Monitoring

If you’d like a more convenient and streamlined approach to your propane delivery, Spicer Advanced Gas provides automatic propane delivery services. That way, you can ensure that your home has enough fuel at all times – without having to worry about checking your gauge.

We also offer tank monitoring services that utilize advanced monitoring and tracking technology to determine the best delivery schedule for each client. Our tank monitoring devices also allow us to identify potential issues with your propane system.

Other Propane Services in Groton, CT

As one of the top propane delivery companies in Groton, CT, Spicer Advanced Gas is proud to provide services that go beyond tank refills. In addition to propane delivery, we also offer the following services:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service – At Spicer Advanced Gas, we understand that emergencies happen when you least expect them. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency propane services in Groton, CT, and the surrounding areas. So, if you encounter an unexpected problem with your propane system or run out of fuel outside of business hours, you can rest assured that Spicer Advanced Gas will be there to help.
  • Tank Installation – If you’d like to add a new propane tank to your home or business or need to replace your current system, Spicer Advanced Gas can help. Not only will our expert technicians provide effective installation services, but we can also help you select an appropriate system for your needs.
Contact Spicer Advanced Gas for Groton, CT Propane Tank Refills and More

If you need propane in Groton, CT, look to Spicer Advanced Gas. As a leading propane supplier in Groton, we’ve been providing Connecticut residents with high-quality heating services since 1915. For over 107 years, we’ve remained dedicated to ensuring that our customers stay warm and safe throughout the winter and beyond.

Whether you need to arrange automatic propane delivery, install a new propane tank, or service an existing system, our expert team can help. For more information about our propane services in Groton or to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, contact us today!  

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