Oil Delivery Services in Hampton Connecticut

Heating your home with oil is now more efficient, clean, and economical than ever before. Spicer Oil, a trusted name in oil delivery for over 100 years is now serving the Northeastern corner of Connecticut. Offering both ultra-efficient heating oil delivery and reliable propane services in your neighborhood.

Let Spicer be your one-stop shop for oil delivery to keep your Hampton CT home warm and comfortable year-round.

We Make It Easy to Do Business with Spicer Oil:

  • No Hidden Fees!
  • No Contract!
  • Automatic home heating oil Delivery at the Same COD Prices
  • Pay by Cash, Check or Credit Card – The heating oil price stays the same!
  • Decades of Experience Serving Customers!
  • Money Saving Programs Available!
  • Best fuel oil prices CT

Heating Oil is a cost effective, clean, safe, efficient and environmentally sound way to heat your home.

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Why Choose Spicer for Your Home Oil Delivery in Hampton Connecticut?

Oil Delivery with No Hidden Fees

Spicer Oil ensures transparency in our business by not charging any hidden fees. This means that customers can trust Spicer to provide straightforward oil pricing without any surprises.

No Contract Oil Delivery

Spicer Oil believes in providing flexibility to our customers, which is why we do not require any long-term oil contracts. This allows customers to make decisions based on their current needs and preferences without feeling locked into a contract.

Automatic Oil Delivery at the Same COD Prices

Spicer Oil offers the convenience of automatic delivery for home heating oil. This means that customers don’t have to worry about monitoring their oil levels or placing orders. Additionally, Spicer Oil ensures that the prices for this delivery remain the same as Cash on Delivery (COD) prices, ensuring fairness and consistency in pricing.

Same Price for Pay by Cash (COD), Check or Credit Card

To cater to the different payment preferences of our customers, Spicer Oil accepts payments in various forms including cash on demand (COD), check, and credit card. Most importantly, regardless of the payment method, the price of heating oil remains the same.

Decades of Experience Serving Customers

Spicer Oil takes pride in our many years of experience in delivering oil to customers. This demonstrates our expertise and knowledge in the industry, providing customers with a sense of trust and assurance that they are dealing with a reliable and reputable oil delivery company.

Money Saving Programs Available

Spicer Oil offers money-saving programs to help customers save on their heating oil expenses. These programs may include discounts, loyalty rewards, or other incentives, allowing customers to save money while still receiving high-quality heating oil and services.

Best Fuel Oil Prices CT

Spicer Oil is committed to providing the best fuel oil prices in Connecticut. By striving to offer competitive prices, we aim to give customers great value for their money.

By choosing Spicer Oil for home oil delivery in Hampton Connecticut, homeowners can expect a seamless positive experience and a reliable home heating delivery service.

Spicer Oil Delivery Reviews
"I wanted to thank you for all your extra efforts. You took the time to explain what Spicer could do and what we had to do to get the fuel for our residential generator. You are a professional and very much appreciated."
Sandra B.
Spicer Oil Delivery Reviews
"Jake arrived yesterday and did a wonderful job. Working well now. Our compliments to him; knowledgeable and personable. He said you opted to replace the whole unit instead of one part. Thank you. Hopefully it will run forever with proper cleaning. Thank you so much for your service and help. You are great. My mother is always cold now so the stove is truly needed."
Spicer Oil Delivery Reviews
"Just want to drop a note to say how pleased we are with the gas insert. It is working better than we expected. The installers were very professional and friendly and the gentleman who explained the operation made it easy to follow. Thank you again."
Jim Cawley
Spicer Oil Delivery Reviews
"My former repairman told me that both the heater in my shop and in an apartment needed to be replaced. I called Spicer, ordered heaters, at a very fair price. When the workmen from Spicer arrived to install the new heaters, they examined the existing units and told me that there was no need to replace them they could be repaired! Spicer saved me $100.00's."
V. Miller
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