Why You Need a Propane Gas Fire Pit in CT

Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means it is the perfect time to start planning those idyllic summer nights. You know the ones, lounging in comfortable backyard chairs with good company, a fire crackling low and warm in front of you. While we admit there is a certain appeal to wood-burning fires, we’ve come to prefer the benefits of gas fire pits over the hassle and expense of their wood-burning predecessors.

Low Maintenance and Simple Setup

No matter how you chop it, a wood-burning fire pit is a lot of work. Even if you aren’t chopping and hauling the wood, you still have to store it, struggle with lighting the fire in the first place and meticulously tend the flames so they are hot enough to make s’mores but not so hot that you can’t sit nearby. Why go through all the hassle when you can simply flip a switch and enjoy steady, warm burning flames all evening long? Sit back, relax, and enjoy a continuous supply of warmth without worrying about maintenance, floating embers or too much heat. You get the same ambience and warmth, but without the hassle.

Less Chance of Injury

Do you remember what it’s like trying to dodge the smoke on a day of shifting wind? You end up looking like an inflatable dancing man at a car dealership and you still get a lungful of smoke. A propane gas fire pit table eliminates these issues. You’re in complete control of the flame without having to poke and prod hot logs, and you’ll never have to dodge billowing clouds of smoke. And since you can turn it on or off instantly, you never have to worry about it burning out unattended.

Easier to Keep Clean

As beautiful as a fire is, it seems the work is never done with a wood-burning fire. Labor to get it started, labor to keep it burning the way you want, labor to put it out. Then, when the party is over and the fire is out, we still have ashes and smoke residue to clean. With a propane gas fire pit, you don’t have to worry about any of this. There are no ashes to clean and no smoke to dirty up the surroundings. When you’re done, you’re done.

Why Choose Spicer Advanced Gas for Your Propane Fire Pit in CT

If you want to enjoy the benefits of outdoor heating in Connecticut, but you don’t want any of the hassle or risk involved with a wood-burning fire pit, a propane gas fire pit is clearly the way to go. At Spicer Advanced Gas, we carry a collection of high-quality propane gas fire pits so you can find the perfect one to fit your summer night scene. Keep your loved ones warm as you enjoy the evenings together in Connecticut. Visit us to see your options and choose the propane fire pit that’s right for you today.