Spring is the Time for Home Heating System Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is important to ensure the quality and function of your home’s heating and cooling systems. Many homeowners skip these important checks and ignore servicing their systems until something bad happens. These individuals risk facing issues like a furnace malfunction in the middle of winter or an AC system shut-down during the hot summer months. Not only are these scenarios uncomfortable, but they can also be dangerous.

Proper and regular furnace maintenance checks help to ensure your furnace and AC systems will perform at their best all year long. AC repair in the spring prepares your system for the hot summer months ahead. In general, spring HVAC maintenance is important to ensure your systems will be ready to perform at their best.

Spring AC Maintenance

It is necessary to service AC every year to ensure proper function and to catch any minor issues before they could become a larger problem. While some individuals like to ventilate their homes with a natural flow of air (from open doors and windows), AC is a must for those who live in hot and humid summer climates. This is why spring is the best season to have your cooling unit inspected by a professional who knows exactly how to service an AC unit.

Several components need to be inspected, tested, cleaned, or replaced. The last thing you want to experience is your system underperforming or malfunctioning when the hottest days of the year approach. Summer tends to be a busy time for HVAC services, and scheduling an appointment can be difficult. So, schedule in advance to ensure your unit is operating correctly before summertime.

Home Heater Maintenance

Just like you need dependable AC in the summer, functional heating systems for the winter are a must. Spring maintenance helps to ensure that by the time winter rolls around next year, you’ll be fully prepared. Home heater maintenance ensures that all components of your heating system are working appropriately.

It is recommended to have a standard furnace examined at least once a year or every six months for a heat pump system that is used year-round. When it comes to scheduling maintenance, you need to first determine who to contract for full-service home heating oil. Finding a home heating oil supplier in CT in the spring can ensure that by the time winter arrives, you have a clear understanding of costs, delivery services, and a delivery schedule that works for you. While Spicer Gas doesn’t offer heating oil plans, other businesses within Spicer Plus do (Advanced Heating Oil, Sunshine, and Mohegan Oil).

HVAC Service Near Me

Spicer Energy provides a number of HVAC services and residential propane services for our customers. We can help ensure that both your heating and cooling systems are functioning as efficiently as possible. We take pride in providing our customers with reliable services. We can help answer several questions concerning your home’s heating and cooling needs.

We provide the best HVAC maintenance service in the area, as well as CT home heating oil delivery. When it comes to keeping your home warm through the cold winter months, we have you covered. Contact us to schedule your service and cleaning to ensure your HVAC system is ready for whatever mother nature throws your way.