Four Signs Your Heater System Is Failing (and What To Do)

Fall is here, and chillier weather is on the horizon. Before you know it, crisp, 55-degree days will be the norm. Is your heater ready to keep your home cozy? As you boot up your heating system for the fall and winter, it’s important to pay attention to its behavior. Certain things like strange smells or sounds from your heating system can indicate a serious problem that you’ll want to fix well before winter weather moves in.

The experts at Spicer Energy Services are here to ensure your propane heating system remains in peak condition all fall and winter long. Read on to learn about some common symptoms of heating system failure.

1. Increased Operating Costs

When you open your gas bill each month, you likely have a general idea of what to expect. If you notice a significant fluctuation in your typical fuel consumption – your heating system could be the culprit. A sharp increase is one of many signs your furnace is failing and needs to be repaired. Likewise, a bill that slowly rises over time could also indicate an impending breakdown. With this in mind, it’s important to compare your yearly costs to identify any changes. If anything looks out of the ordinary, reach out to a team of trusted heating technicians to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

2. Unusual Sounds From Furnace

While you may be used to hearing your heating system kick on throughout the day, there are certain sounds you shouldn’t ignore. When your furnace’s belt wears out, its bearings can break or come loose. These components may rattle around inside the furnace, creating a sound like pennies in a dryer. Don’t try to take apart your furnace on your own – not only is this time-consuming and challenging, but it can also be dangerous. When you hear strange sounds coming from your heating system, the first thing you should do is call in an HVAC contractor.

3. Strange or New Smells From Your Heating System

There is often a smell associated with your heating system when you turn it on for the first time each year. However, that should only happen the first time. If you notice your system has a strange odor well into the season, or the initial smell doesn’t go away, seek professional help immediately.

4. Uneven Distribution of Heat

Is it chilly in your kid’s room but warm in yours? Are there pockets of cold air in certain spots of your living room? Uneven heat distribution is another sign that your system needs attention. The source of the problem could be minor, like a clogged heat vent, but it’s still best to have it looked at by an HVAC technician.

Call the HVAC Professionals Before Winter Arrives

Few things are more stressful than dealing with a broken heating system in the dead of winter. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, schedule a tune-up for your propane equipment from a home heating company you can trust.

Spicer Advanced Gas is here to assist with all of your propane and propane heating system needs. Contact Spicer Energy Services today to schedule service from one of our experienced HVAC technicians!