Propane Home Heat vs Home Heating Oil – What’s the Difference?

When deciding on what type of fuel you should use for your home or business heat, you have a few options. Some of the most popular fuel choices, for good reason, are propane gas and heating oil. When you compare propane to oil heat, you will find they are both more effective, efficient and affordable than electric heat. It is helpful to have a propane vs oil heating comparison to aid you when making your decision about what type of fuel to use for your home or commercial property.   

Comparing Propane vs Heating Oil

Both propane and heating oil have pros and cons that can impact your decision, so take a minute and consider the positive and negative aspects of each.


Propane is a gas that is naturally extracted and processed. Its components enable it to conduct heat better than natural, non-processed gas and it is the energy choice for many American homes.

  • Pros: Propane is typically lower in cost than other heating methods. Propane equipment is very efficient, lasts a long time and does not require much maintenance. Propane tanks can be installed underground to take up less space and maintain your property’s aesthetics. It can also power additional appliances, like cooking ranges, clothes dryers, pool and water heaters – all from the same tank.
  • Cons: Propane does not produce heat as quickly as heating oil, and the equipment tends to be more expensive up front despite lower maintenance costs over time. Additional safety precautions must be observed because it is a combustible gas.

Heating Oil

Heating Oil is different from the refined oil we use in our cars. It was made to run furnaces more efficiently and is becoming more economical than ever before.

  • Pros: When looking at oil vs propane heat, heating oil produces heat faster than propane, is more efficient and is consumed slower, meaning lower overall heating costs. Heating oil equipment is typically cheaper up front than other types of fuel equipment.
  • Cons: Heating oil tanks have the potential to leak and spills are expensive to clean. Prices can fluctuate more than propane, and heating oil equipment requires more maintenance over time, while your other appliances typically run on electricity.  

Propane vs Heating Oil – Which is Best for You?

Always take efficiency and cost into consideration when choosing your fuel system.

  • Efficiencies: Propane converts more of its fuel supply into heat than heating oil. However, even though heating oil does not convert as much of its actual fuel supply into heat as propane does, it still produces more heat per gallon.
  • Cost: When you compare oil heat vs propane, propane typically is lower in cost, but you should also consider the installation and upkeep of the equipment. Cost of both types of fuel is also affected by the industry’s seasonal maintenance and price of transportation to your home or business.

Both propane and heating oil are good alternatives to heat your home or commercial property when compared to electricity. Be sure to keep factors like upfront costs, maintenance of equipment and efficiency in mind when deciding what type of fuel is best for you. At Spicer Advanced Gas, we can help you analyze and figure out what kind of fuel is right for you. Contact us now for more information about how we can help you choose the right fuel system for your home or commercial needs.