The Benefits of Using a Propane Fire Pit vs. A Wood Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to your backyard, no matter where you live. They don’t require much space, are perfect for gathering friends and family around on a nice, cool evening, and can even act as a resource to cook dinner or roast marshmallows. When deciding on which type of fire pit is best for you, consider the two most common choices: a gas fire pit or a wood-burning one. Like many other things, there are pros and cons to both, depending on what is important to you.

To help you choose which one is right for you, consider these benefits of a propane fire pit vs. a wood-burning fire pit:

1. It’s Easier to Clean a Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits don’t need much cleaning or maintenance compared to wood-burning pits. There isn’t any soot or ash to clean out of a gas fire pit. The outside can be wiped down once it’s cool, and a cover can be used to protect it from the weather. On the other hand, wood-burning fire pits require a fair amount of cleaning from time to time to remove debris that accumulates after a couple of fires.

2. There’s No Need to Chop and Store Wood

Gas fire pits don’t require wood to burn, so it saves you from having to chop and store it. A decent-sized wood-burning fire uses quite a bit of wood — some small pieces, known as kindling, to get it started and larger amounts to keep it going. A wood fire burning for about two hours can use up to 50 pounds of wood or more, depending on the size of the fire you made.

3. Turning a Gas Fire Pit On and Off Is Simple

Lighting a gas fire pit is relatively easy compared to starting an actual fire from sticks and flint. A gas fire pit does not have a pilot light, which differs from a gas stove. The key is to get a flame going before you turn on the gas. A wood-burning fire pit requires a little more know-how to get a fire started, and they are also weather-dependent. It is difficult to get a fire started when your wood is damp or the fire pit floor is wet.

4. There Are More Options With Buying Gas vs. Wood Fire Pits

When it comes to choosing a fire pit that matches the style of your yard, most people feel there are more options to pick from when looking for gas fire pits than wood-burning ones. Popular ones include square, round, and even kinds that sit in the middle of a patio table. Many gas fire pits are adorned with faux stone or rock on the exterior, which looks nice and protects the outside from getting too hot. Wood-burning fire pits are usually more basic and do not contain decorations due to the extensive heat they put off. It is hard for anything other than metal to be near a wood-burning pit because other materials could easily catch fire or melt.

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