Pool Heater Repair & Service in CT: Get Ready For Summer!

It’s finally that time again – the weather is heating up from tolerable to enjoyable, and everyone is outside enjoying the spring breeze that brings a promise of summer.

When you’re finally feeling ready to open up your pool after a long winter season, the last thing you want to deal with is a cold pool and a broken heater. It would be best if you were enjoying time by the pool – not how long you can stand to stick your toe into freezing water. Fortunately, pool heater services from Spicer Energy Services can help.

Pool Heater Services in CT

Pool heaters are a great part of any outdoor living setup, and they allow you to extend the swimming season. Pool heaters can create comfortable water temperatures even when the temperature outside can’t keep your pool water warm. For a pool heater to work for you, you’ll need to be confident in its functionality when you get ready for the season. Spicer Energy Services has the experience and quality workmanship to ensure your pool heater repair and service keep your heater operating at peak performance all season long.

Spicer Energy Services has been in business for over 107 years, servicing homes and businesses in Connecticut. Throughout our history, our commitment to honesty and dedication has held strong. We want to save you money while helping you ensure your pool heater is operating as it should, which is why we offer both pool heater repair and service.

Worry-Free Pool Protection Program

Don’t get caught in the heat of summer worrying about pool problems! At Spicer Energy Services, we offer a worry-free pool protection program that includes:

  • Fuel tank and system check for gas leaks.
  • Heat exchanger cleaning that includes the combustion chamber and burner tray.
  • Main burner port cleaning including venturi tubes to remove rust, insects, and debris.
  • Clean and light pilot burner, then check and test ignition for electronic models.
  • Check and adjust the gas pressure regulator.
  • Check pilot generator output.
  • Check and adjust water pressure and temperature gauges.
  • Emergency phone calls are responded to by live professionals.
  • Expert repairs and diagnostics from our trained professionals.

Get in contact with us today to learn more about our worry-free pool protection program.

Yearly Pool Heater Maintenance

Annual maintenance plays a significant part in your pool heater’s life. Like any piece of equipment, you don’t want to wait until you experience a part that fails to perform maintenance – you may wind up needing to fix more than what seems to be an issue. Consistent upkeep is an easy way to keep your pool heater running smoothly and ensure your pool is relaxing. Getting a yearly service will likely prevent repair later, so you don’t have to worry about the hassles associated with downtime and extra costs.

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of Connecticut summer and the anticipation of being able to put the long winter behind you finally. To make the transition as smooth as possible, schedule an annual tune-up for your pool heater.

Benefits of Annual Service for Your Pool Heater

Longer Lasting Life

Better upkeep means a longer lifespan with practically any consistently used piece of machinery – and your pool heater is no different. A properly maintained heater will last longer than one that has gone ignored. Since Spicer Energy Services offers both pool heater repair and service, you can rest assured that your pool heater receives maintenance that will prolong its life and improve its functionality.

Cutting Costs on Future Problems

No one wants to repair equipment constantly. Your relaxing pool time will be cut short if one thing breaks after another. Yearly services will catch problems before it’s too late and be cheaper than repairs in the long run. A neglected pool heater will break more often and create more hassle, while a pool heater maintained by an expert will stop those problems before they begin – and preserve your finances.

Better Heating Quality

Pool heater services from our professional team will result in more efficient and consistent pool heating. Scheduling your service once a year will ensure that your pool water is always precisely the temperature you want, and running on less propane.

Swimming Pool Heater Repair Near Me

While professional maintenance is critical, pool heaters do experience unforeseen issues. That’s why Spicer Energy Services offers quality pool heater repair in CT. Professional repair services are essential in maintaining the integrity and quality of your pool heater. Emergency phone calls will always be responded to by live professionals, and expert repairs and diagnostics will be performed by trained professionals. If you fire up your pool for the summer and something doesn’t seem right, call Spicer Energy Services to repair your pool heater in Connecticut.

Quality Service From a Company You Trust

It’s important to find a company you can trust, and expert workmanship is necessary to ensure your pool heater runs all summer long. Whether you need pool heater repair or annual maintenance this spring, Spicer Energy Services is your best bet for pool heater repair “near me,” wherever you’ve made your Connecticut home. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your pool heater service.

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