Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Propane Appliances

After a long wait, Summer has finally arrived. It’s time to put on some shorts, host outdoor gatherings and make memories without snow in them. If you want to make the most of every backyard moment this Summer you need to equip your yard with outdoor appliances to make the time more enjoyable. These are the best outdoor appliances available to help create a summer you will never forget.

Keeping Everyone Fed and Full

When you have people over for a get-together, you usually want to feed them. Half the joy of Summer is in cooking outside, so you need to have an outdoor kitchen stove, grill or rotisserie that can handle the job. There’s something about the sound of sizzling burgers and steaks while you chat with company that really feels like Summer.

Beating Backyard Bugs

Nobody likes being bugged by mosquitos. Luckily, we’ve got outdoor bug deterrents too, and ours won’t leave your guests smelling like Citronella when they go home. With our propane mosquito traps you can be sure the mosquitos keep their distance without dealing with the noises or fumes used by other traps. Socialize, grill and play in peace, we’ve got you covered.

Turning a Party into an Afterparty

If you’re doing it right, the fun is usually just beginning when the sun goes down. With outdoor propane lighting, you can easily turn your Summer cookout into an evening afterparty nobody will forget. When it comes to outdoor lighting options, outdoor gas lamp posts are ideal because they are safer than fire, yet still provide the light and ambiance of a flickering flame.

Fighting Off the Cool Evening Air

It doesn’t matter how good your lighting is if your guests are too cold to stay outdoors. After a day in the Summer sun it’s easy to feel cool in the New England evening, unless you have a propane patio heater. These outdoor heating appliances are available in a number of shapes and sizes to accommodate any outdoor space. Get one to keep your deck warm or place several strategically throughout the party to make sure everyone stays warm. Want heat and ambiance? You want a propane fire pit, which offers a focal point for everyone to gather around without worrying about the smoke or mess that comes with a wood-burning fire.

You might already have a nice backyard, but once it is equipped with these outdoor appliances it will be the social spot of the season. If you are ready to host some unforgettable get-togethers for groups large and small, stop by our showroom in Connecticut today. We would be happy to answer your questions, explore your needs and demonstrate the best outdoor appliances for you.