Why a Gas Fireplace Is the Most Efficient Heating for Your Connecticut Home or Business

Gas fireplaces are an excellent way to provide efficient heating in your home or business. Even with wavering gas prices, gas fireplaces are the best choice if you want to optimize heat output. Here’s a closer look at why gas fireplaces are so efficient, what their other benefits are, and why Spicer Advanced Gas is your best choice for propane delivery and service.

Why Gas Fireplaces Burn More Efficiently

The short explanation is that gas fireplaces provide the most efficient heating because they burn cleanly and emit 99 percent less particulate emissions into the air versus wood-burning fireplaces, as reported by Project Greenify. This means the indoor air will stay healthy and the outdoor air pollution will be reduced.

Most commercial and residential customers opt for direct-vent fireplaces. These work by piping in air from the outside and using it to feed the flame within a wall or roof-mounted vent. This type of gas fireplace maintains 70% of the heat it generates.

Other Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

In addition to using gas fireplaces for heat efficiency, they also provide many other benefits:

  • Gas fireplaces burn a lot cleaner than wood fireplaces. There are no ashes or soot to worry about, and their maintenance is very simple, with no annual deep cleaning required.
  • Compared to wood, gas is an inexpensive energy source. On average, a gas fireplace costs less than $0.20/hour to run, which equates to about $60/year, while wood could cost you about $200/year to produce the same amount of BTUs.

Why Choose Spicer Advanced Gas

When you get the fuel for your gas fireplace from Spicer Advanced Gas, you have the peace of mind that you will have the endless supply of fuel you need for your fire. Whether you are using the gas fireplace for its beautiful ambiance or as an efficient heating source for your home, we provide automatic propane gas delivery and monitoring, so you never have to worry, even when you are away from home.

Gas fireplaces are an amazing way to keep your home warm while ensuring it stays clean and the air stays healthy. At Spicer Advanced Gas, we have decades of experience with installing and maintaining gas fireplaces. If you have any questions about gas fireplaces, or you would like more information on how one can improve the efficiency in your home, please visit our showroom in Groton or contact us now. We would love to help you discover the most efficient heating source for your home.